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what your friendship means to me...

a person who is willing to share, trust and protect each other. these qualities I believe are rare but every so often, I am reminded that true friendship can be found simply by needs not wants. we lift each other up, reach out with open hearts, listen closely and wait for those left behind. friends come into our lives, take what they need and give freely of themselves. they burn bright to give us light.

and sometimes we meet a special friend, whose spirit and soul also need to be nurtured, cared for and appreciated. they know what it is like to be shy, scared and invisible. hoping that their voice will be heard and loved just the way they are.

thank you for allowing me to bask in the sunshine you have brought me, each and every time we were together. stay fearless, humble, gentle, truthful and kind.

your friend,
George Mickel
Musician. Drummer. Instructor. Sound Design. Film Score. Composer

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